Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Cheap Seats

One thing I missed when I moved to Florida was Chicago Bears Football. For the first six years I lived here I would catch Bears games in bars with satellite or when they were on national television. Then in 1995 they came out with Directv, so I immediately signed on. For seventeen years I had every Bears game on my big screen television, and every year for seventeen years they kept goosing up the price. So at the end of last season I gave Directv an ultimatum, cheaper satellite service with free NFL or I quit. Sunday was my tenth game without Directv and the NFL Ticket. Each game this year I have had to scramble around the internet trying to find a way to watch the game. Up until this past Sunday I was content to watch replays a couple of days later. This Sunday however, I discovered a web site in another country, on another continent that streamed games live.
I was ecstatic. I was very happy that I would be able to finally watch a live Bears game on a Sunday afternoon as god intended it to be. At the appropriate time I clicked on the link and there it was, Soldier Field in all it's glory. I sat back and prepared to watch the game. Sure it was in a tiny box the size of a You Tube video, and when I hit the full screen button it was blurry and somewhat pixilated, but it was a live Bears game. That is until about ten minutes into the first quarter when tornadoes, rain, hail, and god's wrath for my previous post stopped the game for two hours. Over five hours in total I sat in front of the computer watching football, rain on an empty field, and then more football. My eyes hurt, and I had a headache from squinting at the tiny little picture. I do miss watching all the games on the fifty inch giant television but it's the principle of the thing. Pay Directv hundreds of dollars a month, or scrounge around the internet looking for the Bears game. I think I found another site for this coming Sunday.


  1. I do that sh*t too for Cowboys and Texas A&M...we can share a jail cell if you plead guilty as Alicia.

  2. There's an ad next to this blog for televisionfanatic.com. "watch football for free". Maybe you need to check that out?

  3. Patti, although I allow ads on my blog, and google pays me something like .000000001 cents per click, I have an ad blocker so I never see them.

    Hostess, fine, but Alicia gets the bottom bunk and she does stand when she pees if that's alright with you.

  4. Okay, now let the people in Washington, IL know that you are responsible...Tornado Alan hit them for your blasphemy!