Thursday, February 19, 2015

Cheap Bastard

Mark always accuses me of doing things on the cheap. He may have a point. Okay, so I used an interior door for the exterior entrance to the laundry room. It was cheaper. It did last a few years though before it dissolved. My friend Mike, who used to rent an apartment from me in Chicago, can attest to my cheap fix of his refrigerator. When the latch on it broke I used a barrel bolt latch that you use on the gate out back to fix it. So a couple of years ago our dishwasher broke. Even though I washed dishes by hand for fifty one years before I ever had a dishwasher, I now couldn't live without one. So it was off to the big appliance store where we looked over a large array of dishwashers.
"This one is nice. It has a lot of features and looks like it's sturdy."
"How much?" was all I could say.
"Eleven hundred dollars."
So we continued looking, and no matter what Mark looked at, I said no. It was no, no, no, until we came to the last dishwasher that sat all the way at the far end of the less expensive models.
"How much is that one, Mark?"
"Two hundred and fifty dollars."
"We'll take it!"
It had a brand name that I recognized, Frigidaire, and it had the words 'Dishwasher' on it. I didn't see any reason not to buy it. So we dragged that thing home, installed it, and to this day I have no idea how it works. Again tonight, hours after the thing should have done its job, I walked into the kitchen to see it flashing those two lights at me. Something had gone wrong and it stopped cleaning our dishes and started flashing lights as if it were possessed. I've looked it up on line, on the Frigidaire web site, and I can't find anywhere that it explains what those lights mean. So I have given up on this dishwasher, and I am going to take Mark's advice. I'm going to pull it out, replace it with a more expensive model, and stick this piece of crap in my tenants kitchen. It'll be a good move because I can now charge more for an apartment with a dishwasher.


  1. "Frigidaire dishwashers with a “Hi Temp Wash” and a “Hi Temp Rinse” must warm up the water that will be used in the cycle and automatically pause while the water is heated. During this time, the “Hi Temp Wash” or “Hi Temp Rinse” button will flash to indicate that the cycle has paused. The wash cycle will resume when the water temperature is reached, and the light on the keypad should stop flashing."

    1. Thanks. I searched for such an explanation, except that it does not explain it unless the pause can be for up to ten hours. I've got up in the morning after turning on the dishwasher the previous night, to find those lights flashing. I think it's just a cheap piece of crap.