Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I've been busy around La Casa de Alan lately. While many up north are excavating tons of snow in an attempt to find their cars, here in Florida it is spring cleaning time. Yesterday I grabbed some paper towels and Windex, and spent a rigorous fifteen minutes wiping cat snot and dog saliva off the glass in the French doors. Earlier last week I noticed my neighbors using a high pressure washer to clean off their patio and sidewalk, so I had them move it closer to my yard so that they could hand me the hose over the fence. It did quite a job cleaning the schm├╝tz off of the pool deck in no time flat. In fact it looked so clean I decided to paint the deck and the coping around the swimming pool. It's amazing what a good grade of concrete paint can do to improve things. It covers a multitude of flaws and blemishes, and to my surprise it goes right over dried on raccoon poop. It just looks like a bit more texture and adds to the non-skid qualities of the pool coping. Next on my list of spring cleaning paint projects, the wood deck. That has a lot of 'texture' on it that needs hiding.


  1. Holy crap that looks nice. It's as cold as a witch's tit in a brass brassiere up here.

    1. Not so nice. The water is cold, probably seventy degrees, and if you were here I'd make you help me paint the deck.

    2. Cold at seventy degrees! Bless your little heart, dear Alan.
      (barely able to type, fingers almost frozen)