Friday, February 13, 2015

Gone Bananas

Some people use clocks, some calendars, but here in our house we use bananas to mark the passing of time. Bananas are the way Mark knows it is time to go shopping at Aldi's. Green bananas means that Mark went to Aldi's Supermarket that day. Yellow bananas indicates that a couple of days have passed. Spots on the bananas means that at least four days have passed. On the seventh day the bananas have turned nearly completely brown, this is how Mark knows it's been a whole week since he went shopping at Aldi's and it's time to go back. On the tenth day the bananas are now black. But right next to those bananas are a whole new bunch of yellow bananas because Mark is a creature of habit, for some reason he needs to buy bananas. At some point there will be a large number of black, rotting bananas in the house and that means it's banana bread time. Ah... banana bread, a whole new method of keeping time, but in much shorter segments.
7:00 PM last night

7:00 AM this morning


  1. I love banana bread. I wish I had stayed at your house last night...I had bran cereal this morning.

    1. Oooooh, and we could have all sat up all night in our pajamas, talking crap about people, eating banana bread, and drinking vodka.