Thursday, February 5, 2015

Communication is Paramount

Photo from a previous surprise outing.

Hi there. Looking for one of my amusing little stories? I haven't got one, sorry. It all started with dinner. Mark made crab legs, steamed crab legs. They were delicious, succulent, and butter drenched. Unfortunately Mark waited until the end of dinner, until I was almost finished with my second glass of wine, to tell me that we were going out for drinks with Ron and Dennis. You see, for me, two glasses of wine is drinks. After two glasses of wine I am pretty much ready to lay low, maybe watch a little television, and go to bed. But no, we were going out for drinks. So we did. Now it is much later in the evening and I have had two glasses of wine, two vodka cocktails, and I am tired. The trouble is, I still have to walk the dogs, feed the cats, and do something else... I'm not exactly sure what, but I have to do something else. So I'm sitting here in front of the computer typing out this little informational post, sipping on another vodka cocktail (The bottle of wine is empty now.) and noshing on chips and Mark's homemade guacamole. So I am sorry, there is no story today.