Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Gathering Place

This is a photo of my back yard, or more precisely the deck and pool area in my back yard. Now I never thought of it as such, but yes, it is a gathering place, although we haven't gathered out there for a couple of years now. The fact that it's full of mosquitoes, iguanas, and spiders makes it less of an attractive option for gathering. I've had a few nasty run ins with those spiders. On my wrist is a nice red spot that won't go away from a spider bite. But still, the back yard is a gathering place, for cats and relatives when they visit. Nobody else hangs out there anymore. In an attempt to spruce the place up I decided it was time to paint the concrete deck around the swimming pool and the wooden deck next to it. I thought that would make it more attractive to gatherers, also because I plan to put the house on the market, a little paint wouldn't hurt. So off to Home Depot we went where I picked out a nice sandy colored paint. It's a nice neurtral color that will keep the deck cool in the summer heat, and won't shock a potential buyer. It turned out that two gallons wasn't enough to cover everything, so I went back yesterday to get more. Before we left for the store I looked at the lid on the empty paint can so that I'd have the exact color when I stepped up to the paint counter.

That was the name of the paint, Gathering Place. When I first bought the paint I simply pointed to the color on a chart and said, "That one." I didn't look at what they called it, I simply wanted the bland, brownish color. So while I waited for two more gallons of Gathering Place paint to be mixed up, I looked over some of the other colors available. Planetarium, Artifact, and Haunting Melody are three that stood out. I was surprised at the wide range of names they had chosen for their paint, and it gave me an idea. I'm going to apply for a job at Behr Paints as a paint namer. I've already thought of a few.

  • Detroit; That would be for a nice rust color with a tinge of scorched earth.
  • Skank; I'm not so sure what color that would be assigned to, but I think maybe a yellow or green might be right.
  • Walking Dead; Obviously crimson with a bit of pus yellow spattered through it.

What do you think, how much salary from Behr Paints should I hold out for?


  1. I'd hire you to make up names for paint, but I'd also pay $10/hr to hang out at your pool and watch the iguanas like I was at a zoo. I'd also pay $5 more to have a floaty thing that both dogs could sit in with me.

  2. BTW: Skank is pink, but turns gray when you turn on the lights...

    1. Duh, of course. I guess I was thinking of the skanks here in Florida. When their tans fade because of the crack and meth, they turn yellow and green.