Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I was sitting here writing up today's post when phssst, the electric went out for a couple of hours, AGAIN! I think this is the fifth time this year the electricity has gone out here at Casa de Alan y Marcos. I had a hilarious story about Mark having forty dollars stolen from right under his nose, half written, and then nothing. The whole thing was gone. That's what I get for using Microsoft Works Word, instead of Microsoft Office Word. The difference being that Microsoft Office Word saves the project constantly, while the simpler Works Word only backs up when it feels like it.

Anyway, here's the gist of what I had written. Mark was asked by a lady friend of ours to watch her sandwich shop for fifteen minutes while she ran off to do something. Within minutes three children, from the age of around eight to sixteen entered the store. I was at home, and the phone rang. It was Mark.
"There are some people here." he whispered.
"And???" I replied.
"They aren't buying anything. I think they're going to rob me."
"Okay. Just tell them to leave."
"Alright." he whispered back.
After I hung up the oldest one asked if the youngest girl could use the restroom. When Mark said sure, she asked Mark if he would go back there with her to show her where it was. Here is where Mark made a mistake, he momentarily moved towards the back, then stopped. When he looked back, he saw the middle kid hanging around the cash register. Like I said, they took him for about forty dollars.

So the lesson today is, don't trust those little fuckers. Oh, and don't call me, call 911 if someone might be robbing you.


  1. No, we don't have a public bathroom. is all he had to say.

  2. There are all kinds of common sense things Mark could have done, but if you aren't used to dealing with Fagan's kids you don't think of them. I drove a taxi in Chicago, worked overnight in a 7Eleven in Oakland Ca.,and bartended in Chicago. I have a sixth sense about these types that Mark just doesn't have.

  3. Poor Mark. I hope he still got to make you a fabulous sandwich from the shop and bring it home.

    "No, we don't have a public bathroom, but look closely at this baseball bat, kids."

  4. I would have used the same story too.
    Then gone out to dinner afterwards.

  5. One thing Mark is not, a thief.

  6. Like the blog says, "DISCLAIMER
    This blog is in no way to be considered as fact. It is my remembrances of things I think happened to me, and I often exaggerate for comedic effect.
    The worst thing you could do, is take these stories too seriously.
    Please feel free to comment, good or bad.

  7. So was that one good or bad?

  8. Mark needs practice in retail.

  9. All I said was what I would have done if I was robbed and was not implying anything about anyone. I would have gone out for drinks and dinner to get my mind off it. Stop analyzing or is it alanyzing?