Tuesday, October 4, 2011

An Old Friend

"Are you wearing that shirt?"
"Uh, yes?"
"I hate that shirt."
"But Mark, you bought it for me."
"Five years ago."

If I still had my brushed denim Levi jeans from 1967, and if by some miracle I could still fit in them, I'd be wearing them right now. I loved those jeans. You see once I find an article of clothing that I like, I will wear it to death. Back in the early nineteen seventies I had a rainbow shirt that I fell in love with. This was long before the rainbow became the symbol for 'the gays'. Maybe I was just a bit before my time, but I wore that shirt everywhere until it literally fell apart.

Right now I have a number of shirts in my closet that should really be tossed out, but because they fit my big fat belly they will stay. I also have a drawer full of shorts with broken zippers that I keep telling myself Mark will fix on his Christmas sewing machine he got last year. Truth is, those will probably be tossed very soon. As much as I like them because they fit my ample ass, I haven't seen Mark go near that sewing machine in nearly ten months. I probably should go through my closet and drawers, and start throwing things out. The problem is I'll find old friends in there, and I'll have to listen to Mark bitch when I try to wear them.


  1. That rainbow shirt IS cool. It wear it all the time too.

  2. So you are the one that started the gay rainbow flag idea.

  3. Garrett, don't try and butter him up. I called dibs on the rainbow shirt first...

  4. But Hostess, you forget the last line of the first paragraph, "I wore it until it literally fell apart." There were huge holes in the armpits, and the neck hole was frayed. I threw it in the garbage in 1975 after using it as a dust rag a few times. (Yes I know, I should have burned it like the United States Flag)

  5. You ruined my day...now I have another excuse to drink--the other was a hangnail.

  6. Hostess. I have lots of wonderful shirts for you. Check my blog on Garrett's Country Living in Alan's favorite web sites section..