Friday, October 21, 2011

Photo Friday

Last Saturday afternoon at the JetBlue Health and Safety Fair

Those are my scratched up shins.
In front of me is Otis, a five month old Boxer/Pit bull mix. 
He's looking for a home. Don't let the Pit part bother you. He's a sweetheart.

This is his brother, Opie.


  1. What a cutie, hope someone takes him home soon.

  2. keep on truckin', Alan. Git dem doggie adopted!

  3. There isn't a sweeter dog than Laura's pit-bull mix, Alice. They adopted her from Milwaukee Animal Control and everyone loves her! Some people recognize her (from the adoption website) everytime they take her for a walk! Adopt, don't order from a breeder or buy from a pet store!!

  4. I agree with Peggy. Adopt, don't buy.