Monday, August 27, 2012

Rain, Wind, and Whining

Meet the Press, CBS Sunday Morning, The Chris Matthews Show, Face the Nation, all preempted. Anything carried by our local television stations, preempted for the rainy, windy, storm called Isaac. You have to understand, I watch that shit. I watch all those blabby, dry, Sunday morning shows. Part of the fun of those shows is watching Mark scream back at the television screen (He still doesn't understand that they can't hear him). I guess it didn't matter, the fact that we have satellite television means that every fifteen minutes we would get the message, "Searching for satellite signal" for half an hour. That's because satellite signals are blocked by rain, and Isaac has been a very, very wet storm. So when the television wasn't working I would turn to the computer to check the weather radar, looking for those short five minutes breaks when it would not be raining. There were exactly two such breaks yesterday which I used to shuffle Chandler and Sasha over to the neighbors lawn for a quick pee, and poop. My dogs have been very good. Other than two pees in Mark's shower by Sasha, they have been very patient. Of course I should not complain. During one short spurt of working satellite television, I saw those poor people who went through Isaac while huddling in plastic tents in Haiti. It made me feel humble, at least until Isaac interrupted the season finale of True Blood. That made me whine louder than the wind roaring outside.

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