Wednesday, August 15, 2012

No, Not Big Head Todd

Here in my bathroom I should expect strange odors, except that I'm taking a shower, and not pooping. What the hell is that very strange aroma?  I've cleaned the toilet, scrubbed it, and squirted that blue cleaner up under the lip of the bowl and scrubbed that. I've scrubbed the floor, twice, even under the vanity which was a very tight squeeze. I took the rubber bath mat outside and squirted it with Chlorox cleaner, rinsed it, and let it dry in the sun. I have scrubbed every surface of that bathroom, yet still it stinks.

Here is my theory. Last week the exterminator came by. I pointed out to him that we had an ant problem, and could he take care of it.
"Sure, you have ghost ants in this bathroom."
He was talking about Mark's bathroom, and I am pretty sure there are a lot of ghosts in that place. Alex the exterminator sprayed his poison all around Mark's bathroom, and then went outside and sprayed around the bathroom window.
"Okay, now check out my bathroom. I have ants crawling all over the bathtub, and under the vanity."
Five seconds in and Alex announces, "You have big head ants in here."
I must have looked at him funny because he repeated it.
"Yes, you have big head ants, that's what they call them." He was saying this as he sprayed more poison all over my bathroom. "Look at 'em go sir."
Sure enough, hundreds of ants started swarming out of every crevice. It looked like a science fiction movie, and was horrifying. So back to my theory, and that is that there is a giant ants nest somewhere behind a wall or under something in that bathroom, and the poison killed them all. I just can't get rid of that vision in my mind of millions of dead ants rotting away somewhere in my house. Can't get rid of the smell either.


  1. Damn egos on those big headed ants and when
    They go shirt shopping nearly impossible to
    Find anything trendy

  2. Hopefully they went outside to die. I've heard the poison makes them want to go for water.

  3. I have been told that also and it is a crock. I've been told they go outside for water only to find the rotting carcass after I follow the smell... They die where they lived.

  4. ...Which is right next to the water. My shower.

  5. I have had GREAT success with ORTHO Ant-Stop Ant Killer Dust.
    I was having a problem with ants in the kitchen. This powder is orderless. It works great. It seem that the ants track through it and bring it back to their nests and PRESTO, their gone.

    The only downside that in your home you would have to spread it in a concealed area where your pets don't go.

    I applied it, and then using an old paintbrush pushed it into all the crevices.