Friday, August 3, 2012

Photo Friday, You're supposed to give them to the dancers.

This is what happens when you go to too many stripper bars. 
They keep giving you your change in singles. 
I went to two stripper bars while I was in Chicago, 
and only gave one stripper a dollar. 
He stopped and talked for at least fifteen minutes.
Not much profit in talking to me.


  1. What do strippers talk about and do you stare at their crotch while conversing?

  2. I think $1. a minute is appropriate for conversing.
    Now a lap dance is extra at $5. per minute.
    Flashing is $1. a second.
    I think that's the going rate.
    You owe him.

  3. He was telling us about how he was between semesters, and picking up some spending money. He was studying to be a brain surgeon. Another dancer said he was an architect. I know, I should have given them both ten dollars just for those stories.

  4. Oh, and the answer to that is yes, and the one guy's tiny little nipples.

  5. I used to say I was a bird seed saleman when I danced at stage 618.

  6. Getting drunk and stumbling into the strippers pole does not make you a dancer.