Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cat 'n' Dog

One of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid, was Disney's Chip 'n' Dale. I loved the way they would chase around after each other, and talk in those voices, as if they had sucked in helium. I don't know if Chandler has ever seen one of those cartoons, but I'm sure he'd enjoy them... if he knew what the hell he was looking at.

Chandler is a hunter, and this morning he was hunting squirrel. On the utility wires that run above our morning poopy walk, were two crazed squirrels chasing each other back and forth from one pole to the other. It was like a real life Chip 'n' Dale cartoon. Chandler of course went nuts, running back and forth under that wire, trying to jump up and catch the little rodents. I have to admit, I was encouraging it for my own amusement. It all reached a climax when the lead squirrel jumped from the wire to an adjacent tree. Unfortunately it misjudged how far the tree was and dropped through the branches, down to the ground. Chandler couldn't believe his good fortune. After four years plus of watching those little bastards tease him from above, one had finally dropped right into his lap. That is until the black and white cat from across the street, streaked into the bushes and snatched that little critter right up. Yes, it was horrific, but at least we went home without the death of a cute little Disney character on our hands. That's something the cat will have to take up with Saint Peter when he tries to get in through the little pet door in the pearly gate.


  1. Ew. Cats and hunting. I'm so glad my two were always indoor cats and never really got the hang of hunting (except for flies). And PIckles. Pffffft. She wouldn't hurt a flea. I wouldn't relish taking a bloody rodent from the jaws of a cat or dog...or to have one deposited on my kitchen floor.

  2. So sad for the poor squirrel...sniff.