Monday, September 24, 2012

Rain Man

Our average rainfall around here is over sixty five inches per year, with most of that coming from the beginning of May through October. Of course that doesn't mean it doesn't rain the rest of the year. It only means that it rains about half as much during the remaining months. That is about double what I grew up with in Illinois. It took me a few years, but I think I finally understand what the rules are when it comes to rain here in Florida.

Rule number one. A light mist, or light rain is considered nothing more than high humidity in Florida. Truly, there is little difference between ninety percent humidity, and one hundred percent humidity. Both will leave you drenched by the time you get home.

Rule number two. When it is cloudy out, and you check the back yard to see if it is raining and there are no rain drops in the swimming pool, that does not mean it isn't pouring rain in the front yard. It's not unusual around here for a weather front to stall right over your house.

Rule number three. It will always rain very unexpectedly when you are out somewhere. You will have an umbrella with you for such occasions, but it will be in the car and you will not.

Rule number four. If you take the dog for a walk on a cloudy day, when you get to the exact farthest point possible from your house, a thunder storm will materialize out of nowhere. The same thing can happen on a sunny day, but less often.

Rule number five. A small dog will not go out in the rain no matter what you do. A big dog will go out in the rain if you trick him into it. He will not care about the rain once he is outside, and when you bring the sopping wet big dog back in, he will use the sofa to dry himself off. The small dog will have peed on your floor while you were out with the big dog.


  1. Oh dear,
    life in Florida is not all roses, or so it seems! ;-)

  2. Mmmm - the smell of wet dog.