Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Lengua de Alan

It's really been great to see Mark bounce back from the illness he went through back in July. For most of July and into August he wasn't feeling very good, and I was the main victim of his illness. Sure he couldn't breath, and felt like shit, but I wasn't being fed. For weeks I lived without those delicious meals that Mark had got me used to. I was wasting away, down from 205 to a paltry 200. Well finally Mark is back. For the last couple of weeks I once again have been enjoying some really spectacular meals. Tonight for example, it was shepherd's pie. My only problem with this meal is that Mark must have an asbestos tongue. He served me what looked like ground beef, with peas, and potatoes. What I think it really was, was a plate full of steaming hot lava. I don't understand it. Mark is on the other side of the dinner table, scarfing down this stuff, while the shepherds pie he has given me is melting through the dinner plate. So while I sit there letting my food cool off, Mark is still shoveling the food into his mouth.
"Doesn't that burn your tongue?"
"No, not at all."
So I scoop up a pile, and open wide. Goddamnsonofabitch! It's hot. It isn't hot so much as blistering hot, white-hot, it has actually cooked my tongue. I swear to god, he does it on purpose just to keep me quiet.

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