Monday, September 17, 2012


No post this morning? No there is no post this morning. You may have noticed that I have strayed from my norm of three stories Monday through Wednesday, a video on Thursday, and a photo on Friday. Honestly I was getting bored by that. I was finding that I would write about anything just to have those stories done. I've decided that instead, I will write a post when something happens around me that might be interesting. I will do a video when I actually am struck with what I think is the funniest damn thing I've ever thought of. I will post a photo whenever I want to. So have a nice week, and let's all pray that something horrible, funny, or stupid happens to me soon.


  1. No pressure!! Blog for the fun of it.....unless someone pays you!

  2. we will still look forward to the next Alicia Alexis video, no pressure.

  3. No pressure but I REALLY love reading your blogs, watching the Thursday videos and looking at the Friday picture! I understand though so I know when you do blog, it's going to be great!!