Tuesday, June 4, 2013

But Madge, You're Soaking in it

Over a week ago our dishwasher crapped out. I haven't hand washed the dishes in twelve years so I was in a hurry to get it replaced. I immediately ordered a new one on line to pick up at a local store. At the same time I called my next door neighbor, Mr. Clampett, and asked if he could install it for me. It is now a week later and the new dishwasher is still sitting in our dining room, waiting to replace the old one. I don't really care that Mr. Clampett keeps putting me off. I know that he's a busy man. He has two kids, and a part time job. Our next appointment to install the thing is today. I certainly hope it gets taken care of because if it sits out in the dining room for much longer, Mark will start using it as a table/book case/place to dump his stuff when he walks into the house.


  1. +1 for Chandler guarding the dishwasher.

  2. Use paper plates and plasticware until then.