Thursday, June 20, 2013


One of my favorite television shows is American Pickers. It's a show about two guys from Iowa who roam across the country in a van, and pick through other peoples junk. No, it's not that I have a secret yearning to root around in dusty attics and dirty barns for more crap to clutter up my house. I think I like the show because I have an idea in the back of my head that someday they might stop by here, and relieve me of Mark's vast collection of clutter and crap. Anyway, on one of the recent episodes of that show they traveled to Florida and remarked on how almost everything that lives down here will either poison you, bite you, or kill you. That made me laugh because I encounter many of those things every day in my garden. Yesterday morning I was able to add one more odd creature to my list. As usual I got up early to walk Chandler. I harnessed him up, and as we made our way through the front gate I saw a peacock walking down the middle of the street followed closely by a stalking kitty cat. I don't know what the cat thought it was going to do with a bird twice as large as him. I do know that peacocks can be downright nasty and that cat might have been severely pecked if he didn't watch out. But of course he couldn't have been any worse off than I would be if I sold all of Mark's crap to the American Picker guys. I wonder what you would call that, hen pecked, or maybe men pecked?


  1. Is this peacock a loose pet (like the Florida pythons) or are they native to Florida? Is the kitty cat OK?

  2. It has to be a loose pet. A new family moved in nearby, and when I walk by with Chandler and Sasha it sounds like a zoo in their back yard. I suspect it is theirs. As for the kitty cat, I don't know but most of the cats around here are pretty street wise.

  3. ...and I thought a pure-bred dog would be exotic.