Monday, June 10, 2013

Tony vs. LeBron

We have three televisions in our house. One is in the kitchen and is very small. Another is in the bedroom and is big enough to watch in bed, but it is not gigantic. The television in the living room however, is four and a half feet across. It is very big and when special shows are on television, that is our go to screen. Last night I was all prepared to watch the NBA finals, the Miami Heat against some team from a small town in Texas. This didn't go down very well with Mark.

    "What do you mean you're watching basketball tonight? Are you insane? The Tony's are on tonight!"
    "Yeah, I know. I'm sure the Tony's will look just fine on the bedroom television. I need to watch basketball on the big, high definition screen. With my bad eyesight, on that little television, basketball just looks like a bunch of black guys in shorts chasing each other."

So guess who won this argument? I look at it this way. Tomorrow morning everybody in South Florida will be talking about the big basketball game at work over the water cooler. Mark correctly pointed out to me that our water cooler is actually in our bedroom. He also pointed out the fact that I don't work.


  1. Once upon a time there was a man named Alan. He was a majestic mountain jagged and sharp. Now he has been worn down to a smooth pebble. Small and insignificant, like the tv in his bedroom.
    I too am a small pebble...

  2. Good one, Hostess!! Besides, how dare they run sports and theater spectaculars against each other??!!