Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Down the Hershey Trail

My vet sold me a new medication for the dogs that kills heartworm and fleas. It's a giant pill called Trifexis that they take orally. It was suggested that I grind it up and put it in their food because of the foul smell and taste. Well, Sasha wouldn't touch it, wouldn't even go near it. Chandler, after much coaxing finally ate the medication laced food. The next morning we had a problem, Chandler wouldn't eat his breakfast, and then he started barfing profusely throughout the house. On top of that he was wobbling around like a drunk, he could barely walk. Chandler was having a bad reaction to the Trifexis.

So, as I am going around the house following Chandler and cleaning up the huge amounts of puke coming out of him, I hear a blood curdling scream from the bedroom. It's Mark.
"She shit! Oh nooooo..... I stepped in it!"
I quickly stuffed the piles of vomit soaked paper towels into the kitchen garbage can and ran into the bedroom to see what was happening. It was horrible. Mark was standing there barefoot with poop squished between his toes while Sasha ran from the bedroom to the living room, squirting brown liquid out of her butt. As quickly as I got one mess cleaned up Sasha would erupt again. It was on the carpet, on the sofa, and worst of all it was on my big fluffy chair. And then there was the horrible smell, which as of this morning I still can't get out of my nose. I spent about an hour cleaning up Chandler's vomit, and Sasha's diarrhea. I used up two rolls of paper towels, a bottle of carpet and upholstery cleaner, and all my patience. Mark was a big help during this vomit and shit explosion. Besides gagging and choking the whole time, he did go to the linen closet and get me a fresh roll of paper towels.


  1. Excellent training for a new puppy! Get a little Boston Terrier. I always love those pups.

  2. Did you take the rest of that poison back to the vet for a refund?? AND give him a copy of this blog post so they can notify the manufacturer that it's not a good product!

  3. Oh man. I hope the vet compensates you as well and that reaction is very worrying.

    BTW -- a vinegar and baking soda mixture takes the foul smell out of fabrics that have been vomitted and shat upon...

  4. maybe that drug is still in its trial stages and your dogs were guinea pigs