Monday, September 30, 2013

Harriet, is That You?

Have you ever been hanging out with some close friends and jokingly referred to another person who wasn't there by a mocking nickname? Maybe among your fellow employees at work you refer to your boss, Mr. Smith, as Mr. Shits. Or maybe there is a neighbor that everyone dislikes, say her name is Mrs. Whipple, and you all snicker when she is called Mrs. Nipples behind her back. All very funny at the time. The only trouble is that the more you call that person the wrong name behind their back, the more likely it is that you will slip and say it in front of them. That is what I think happened many years ago when Dick Armey, a republican congressman from Texas, used the name Barney Fag in an interview about congressman Barney Frank. I think something like that happened yesterday. I was watching Meet the Press Sunday morning and they had on the notorious Senator Ted Cruz. Between all his smirking and self aggrandizing pronouncements, he mentioned Senator Harry Reid a few times. Watch this clip and tell me if I heard correctly. Did Ted Cruz just call Harry Reid, Harriet Reid?



  1. Sorry, it sounds like he's saying "Harry" to me, but I think Ted Cruz can "jump in a lake" of tar and drown his sorry ass. Oops, forgive my crass negativity?

    Regardless, interesting observation, we do need to be careful using those nicknames!!

  2. Maybe I'm just getting old and my hearing is starting to... what? I listened to it again and he is not pronouncing it Harry. Maybe it's Harrier, but not Harry.

  3. It's the backwoods Texas drawl. I know a couple of phrases in Spanish that refer to Cruz's heritage I'd like to utter. Even his own party doesn't like that cabron. Cago en tu leche, Cruz...

  4. The only words I recognize are 'in your milk'. I assume the other words are profanity.