Friday, September 20, 2013

Mr. Flappy

I am here to sing the praises of Mr. Flappy, although that's not it's real name. If you order one on Amazon it's simply Flappy, but Chandler knows it as Mr. Flappy and just the mention of that name sends him scurrying around the living room looking for it. Mr. Flappy is the best dog toy that I have ever found for Chandler. Usually a squeaky toy is brought home and within just a few hours it is nothing but stuffing strewn across the living room floor. Not Mr. Flappy. Mr. Flappy has lasted for a year and a half. Mark came home with Flappy, fully expecting it to last but one day. He handed it to the eager maw of Chandler who immediately went to work on the new toy. Surprisingly, one month later Flappy was still with us. Three months later Mr. Flappy went with us on our road trip to Chicago, and a month later returned to Florida intact. Flappy was thrown and fetched over and over again without a stitch pulled, without a single shred of fluffy white filler being ripped from it. Flappy is a terrific dog toy. Unfortunately this week Mr. Flappy was no match for the never ending dog wrestling that has been going on in my living room. With Chandler pulling on one end, and Tuffy pulling on the other end, Mr. Flappy didn’t stand a chance. Now it did take two days before they managed to destroy Mr. Flappy, but eventually Mr. Flappy exploded in a huge poof of fluffy white material. I have already gone on line and ordered a new one from Amazon. It should arrive the day after Tuffy goes home.
R.I.P. Mr. Flappy


  1. The subject of this story was not at all what I expected...

  2. Were you expecting something about the husband of 1980's porn star, Fiona?

  3. So did the new Mr. Flappy arrive yet?