Thursday, September 19, 2013

Pukey The Clown

My house has become something of a circus, with Tuffy the three legged dog as the star performer. Yesterday it went non-stop, from six in the morning when Tuffy got up and decided that everybody should join him until midnight when he finally curled up in the chair next to my bed. I swear that dog is on something, he never stops moving. Besides Tuffy, I have had to deal with my slowly fading Sasha who has the uncanny ability to vomit and pee simultaneously. Every time this happens Mark runs around the house screaming like a little girl.

    "Eeeeeek, she's puking! Sasha is puking! Oh lordy, now I've stepped in something wet!"

I dutifully appear with a roll of paper towels in hand and a bag with which to dispose of the vomit soaked paper towels. What I hadn't expected yesterday was that Chandler was going to join in the puke-fest. All day long it was Mark screaming for me to clean up Sasha's bodily fluids, followed by Mark screaming for me to come mop up Chandler's grass laced vomit. Tuffy the three legged dog has been pretty good about not joining in on the mess. That is until Sasha released about a gallon of piss in the hallway, and Tuffy quickly ran over and joined in on the marking of territory. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't all puke and piss. In between that there was non-stop dog wrestling in the living room.

Only five more days until Tuffy's owners come home.


  1. Oh Alan you are going to be exhausted by the time Tuffy leaves. I feel sorry for you but I especially feel sorry for Sasha. The poor baby. Hopefully she's able to join in on some of the fun with Chandler and Tuffy?

  2. He is one strong dog on 3 legs!
    Poor Sasha....and poor Alan, it really is a 3-ring circus.
    Have you checked with your vet to see if there is an anti-emetic that you could give Sasha?

  3. Anti-emetic? We're not all nurses. I give her prednisone, and occasionally Pepto Bismal.

  4. Anti-emetic= stopping vomiting! They give it to you in the post-op room, or if you have the puking flu.....