Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Maybe a Moment of Silence Will Fix Everything

President Barack Obama ordered flags over the White House to half-staff through Friday evening to mark the tragedy in D.C., which claimed the lives of 13, including the gunman. House Speaker John Boehner ordered flags over the Capitol to half-staff for the same period of time. (msnbc)

I don't care. Yesterday morning, instead of sitting in front of the television wringing my hands and praying for the victims of the latest mass murder, I watched a recording of a Chicago Bears game for three hours. I'm sure my time was spent much more beneficially than had I watched the news channels hysterical coverage. Yeah, some people died, so what? I know that sounds harsh, but we go through this every few months and nothing happens. Americans do not care how many of their fellow citizens are slaughtered just so long as they can cling to their guns. The gun nuts who run this country are like spoiled children who have bullied their parents into letting them continue with self destructive ways. And our president is a man with the balls of a chipmunk who allows himself to be controlled by the cowards in congress. By next week this latest insanity will be ignored and forgotten. Of course not forgotten by those affected, but by the news media, the president, and the congress who will have moved on to the next important vote against Obamacare.


  1. You have expressed what I have thought for a while. I applaud the Sandy Hook parents who are fighting a losing battle to make the politicians change the gun rights for nuts. This latest one had enough red flags that should have prevented him from getting his hands on a gun. Who are we kidding...the gun lobby only cares about $$$, not the innocent bodies piling up. And all the news coverage, I feel just encourages the sick minds looking for their 15 minutes even if it means they die to get it.

  2. There is no answer everyone will agree on. The gun nuts will never change their minds and the politicians are only interested in their own interest and money. These wack jobs will always be able to get their hands on guns no matter what. It makes me sick every time I see this. And it's happening more and more. This country is in such a mess. We need to fix the US before we try to help or fix other countries.

  3. +1 on all comments...I watched Monday night football.

  4. U.S. Citizen, Actually no, whack jobs would not always be able to get their hands on a gun no matter what.
    Background checks would prevent some of them, and a ban on automatic weapons would help also. Sure some might still obtain the means to slaughter others, but it would cut way down on the occurrences of this kind of thing. Hey, people who can't drive a car might still get access to a car so why bother licensing drivers.

  5. amen, Alan.

    those Bears just pulled near defeat from the arms of victory.
    think it will be another year for Greenbay at the end, though....

  6. That will be the test of the Bears, when they play Greenteeth.