Friday, September 13, 2013

Rhapsody in the Rain

I am sitting here listening to the rain pounding on the window awning. It's a quick shower that has sort of snuck in off the ocean. Those are my favorite kind because they usually blow in, drop a quick deluge, and then disappear. I hadn't been able to enjoy listening to the rain for the last seventeen years. That's because I had DirecTV, satellite television, and satellite television cannot cope with rain. Instead of enjoying the patter of the rain drops and the fresh smell of it all, I saw the rain as an intruder. Invariably it would rain right in the middle of something I was deeply interested in and block the satellite dish. Nothing worse than missing thirty minutes of American Pickers while I waited out a rain storm. I don't have that problem anymore, I now have U-Verse. It's not the best system, but at least it doesn't go out when a pigeon pees. The funny thing is that DirecTV is begging me to come back. Every day I get a new offer in the mail. They have promised me everything including offering to pay the penalty fee if I break my U-Verse contract, giving me the NFL Ticket for free, and giving me a very attractive rate for everything else. Exactly what I had asked them to do before I cancelled them. Dumb asses.


  1. Just did the same thing with Verizon and Comcast. Dumbasses +2

  2. I know what you mean about DirecTV. A cloud passes over and blocks the sun for say, 2 seconds and it goes out. Just haven't made up our minds what to switch to. They all really suck.

  3. I'm considering getting Apple TV and Netflix and leaving it at that.