Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Before, Maple ugliness
It was about fifteen years ago, when I was still young and energetic, well young at least, that Mark bought Pergo Flooring and I installed it. It was a lovely maple color and although I did a pretty shitty job of it, it didn't look all that bad. Unfortunately, within months of installing it, the great toilet stoppage occurred. That was the day Mark stopped to take a poop before going shopping. When he was done, he flushed the toilet full of tissue and turds, and then left the house. Two things converged that day to create the horrors that I found upon my return from work. First there was the cheap repair I had done to the toilet previously, and then there was the over stuffing of the toilet by Mark. I walked in the door and heard the splashing of a toilet continuously running and on the floor, running out of the bathroom, down the hall, and onto the newly laid floor in the living room, was gallons and gallons of toilet water. About six months later I stepped into the living room again to find gallons of water on the floor. This time it was the water supply to the ice cube maker in the refrigerator. A rat had chewed through it. Finally, again about six months after the rat attack, there was the air conditioner condenser pump. It malfunctioned and allowed water to overflow into the living room. All that water caused our expensive new floor to expand, buckle, and then shrink apart when it finally dried out. We have lived with that ugly, water damaged floor all these years. Finally, a few months ago, the Pergo flooring went on sale again and Mark bought us a new floor. Once again I installed it. This time with much better results. I think it turned out just great. Now, if I can only get Mark to use less toilet paper.
After, this one is "Oak"


  1. It looks great Alan! You did a great job installing it too. Good luck with training Mark to use less TP! hahaha

  2. You did a GREAT job, Alan. Although I am disappointed in Mark for sticking it to you that way. The After pic doesn't do it justice. I think it's a bit too over-exposed. I know your chair isn't PINK!