Banner Photo by Sam Padron

Wednesday, March 12, 2014


We are not having any luck at all finding a home for Tuffy the three legged dog down here in Florida. He is being left behind when his owners move to Chicago at the end of this month. Tuffy's owners will deliver him to any good home between here and Chicago even if it means a detour. They are desperate. Remember, he is fully house broken, crate trained, good around children and other dogs, and just the sweetest little guy. Lots of energy for a dog with only three legs.


  1. A woman who works in our office expressed interest. I will check to see how serious she is.

  2. Make sure she knows that Tuffy can go for a full 8 hour shift, including commuting time, without peeing in the house. Totally loves his crate. I cannot express enough how good and sweet this dog is.

  3. I just repinged my FB friend that has some connections with Rescue Dog Associations and emailed your stories to a good friend that lives in Chicago. Every little bit helps in getting the word out. Tuffy looks adorable in the video...

  4. Thanks to all who have reposted and shared.