Monday, March 10, 2014

Fall Forward, Spring Back

I seem to remember being taught that daylight savings time was enacted to help the farmers. They needed more daylight so that they could plow and harvest later into the day. Well that's just asinine. No matter what time you say it is, the amount of daylight doesn't change. I can't believe farmers would have a problem getting up and out to the fields at the first crack of dawn, or that the chickens can tell that you set all the clocks ahead. Other people have told me that it has something to do with kids and school. Once again, asinine. I can see no benefit at all to that. Kids don't care what time it is if they forgot to do their homework the night before or they know the class bully is waiting for them. It's all a bad time to them.

    What I do see is the big slobbering puss of my dog Chandler inches from my face, wagging his tail, and giving me the little squeaking sounds that he emits when it's time to get up. I check the clock, "No Chandler. It's only 6:45. Give daddy fifteen more minutes."  From the other side of the bed I hear, "No it's not. It's 7:45, today starts daylight savings time." and with that Mark rolls over and goes back to sleep. Goddamnit, how the hell does the dog know what the chickens don't know? So all day Sunday I was confused even though I have ten clocks in the house, all of them set to the new time that I had sprung forward to. Is it time for the afternoon dog walk, or is that two hours from now? Why did they start the Bulls, Heat game so early today? And worst of all, why am I not tired yet when it is obviously after midnight?

    I could rectify all this by moving to Arizona, Arizona doesn't observe daylight savings time. The problem with that is that I'd have to move to Arizona.


  1. I hate Daylight Saving Time.... just leave the damn clocks where they are and stop screwing with us twice a year!! I think it is the governments attempt to try and control nature..Epic Fail!!!!

  2. What I love about daylight savings time is that it stays light later! After all these long, dark cold winter nights having the sun stay up until 7pm or so is great! It's only been 1 day but I already feel like I have more energy to do things!!