Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fuzzy Math Test

1)  Two men need to go to the Home Depot. The first man drives a car there averaging 20 miles per hour, a total of 2.3 miles. The second man does not drive, and must wait for a ride. He also gets there averaging 20 miles per hour, a total of 2.3 miles. Which man arrives first?

2)  The same two men need the same product from Home Depot. The second man walks directly to the aisle containing the product he needs. The first man stops to look at the clearance table, then goes on to the aisle containing the product he needs but not before touching every shiny object he sees on the way. Which man gets to the checkout line first?

3)  Man number two is at the self-service checkout counter. He swipes his debit card, presses the buttons to get a fifty dollar cash advance from the machine, takes his receipt, and leaves the store. Man number one has let man number two pay for everything. Which man makes his way back out to the car first?
Answers Below


1) They both arrive at the same time because man number two has to depend upon man number one to drive him there. However, man number two is completely cranky and his nerves are shot by the time they get there because of man number one's horrific driving abilities.

2)  Obviously man number two gets to the checkout line first followed closely by man number one screaming at him for walking too fast.

3)  In this scenario man number one almost made it to the car before man number two, but man number two can move faster. However, man number two had to stop and return to the self-service checkout to retrieve the fifty dollars he left laying in the change bin.


  1. I got them right! Do I get to kiss the nice lesbian with the tool belt working in the lumber isle?!

  2. Have to tell you Alan whenever I'm having a bad day at work all I have to do is read your blog. Usually it makes whoever is around me when I'm reading it laugh too! Today's got 3 of us laughing so hard we were crying. Of course they said they are going to have to look at the signs in Home Depot next time they are there! Thanks for helping us get through the day!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The first sounds out of me as I got to the last line!! Cranky old man, karma bites you when you aren't thankful for little things in life! Like the fact that the $50 was still there!!