Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cabana Boy

I love when family visits us. Either Mark's family or my family, it's always good to see them. This past weekend it was some of Mark's family that came by. As usual I spent the week before their arrival cleaning and preparing the house, while Mark made plans for his usual extravagant meal for the visitors. Our first understanding was that his sister in-law would stay in our guest room (aka, my office), while the rest of the party would stay at a hotel. This we found, was not the plan. Instead Sister In-Law had made reservations for everybody at the only "hotel" here in our little town.
            "Yes Mark, don't worry about us. We'll be staying at the Cabanas Hotel." She informed us.
            "The Cabanas? The Cabanas on Twenty Sixth Street?"
            "Yes, that's the one. It's a nice place, isn't it?"
It is a nice enough place for what it is, but there is one problem with The Cabanas. The party that was going to check into that hotel was not only Mark's sister in-law, but her aunt and two nephews. One thirteen years old, the other seventeen. The Cabanas Hotel is a clothing optional hotel. A gay, clothing optional hotel. It took a while but they finally did find a nice hotel to stay in where everybody was clothed, which is a good thing because my guest room/office is also clothing optional.



  1. Stephen HollenbeckMarch 25, 2014 at 7:11 AM

    Oh I would have let that play out

  2. I just tried to google clothing-optional hotels in Philly and found none. I'm not sure if I'm disappointed or relieved. Florida is a strange place...

  3. Is'nt your pool area clothing optional? if not I'll wear my thong if that is that alright?