Friday, August 10, 2007

Fun with Rats and Cats

I sent this story to Peggy as an e-mail a few months back. She thought is was funny so I'll post it here. In Florida every spring we seem to have a rat problem.

I heard a squeaking sound coming from the living room, and I find Carlotta my cat has a small (2 inches long) rat cornered by the window. So I run and get Mark's favorite cooking tongs and try to catch it. It runs away along the wall and across the dining room and I lose it.

Hours later I hear the squeaking again. Carlotta has it cornered under a piece of furniture. Again I get the tongs and try to catch it. When I move the piece of furniture, it runs about 6 inches and Carlotta grabs it. All the while Mark is screaming like a white woman on fire, and I am screaming for him to help block the door. Carlotta runs towards the back door with me after her, Mark screaming, me screaming, and then she does a u-turn and runs into the bedroom. Directly under the bed, with the rat in her mouth. I crawled under after her but I can't catch the rat because she is playing with it. Finally it runs away behind the T.V. armoire and dresser. I gave up and went to bed.

4am, I wake up to the sound of squeaking in the living room again. Carlotta has the rat cornered again. This time she grabs it and walks around all proud of what she's done. I make a point of not screaming or waking up Mark. I go get the little portable vacuum cleaner and move the hose over to where Carlotta is. As soon as she dropped the rat I hit the switch and phlooop it went right up the hose into the vacuum. I ran to the door and threw the whole thing outside.

Did I ever tell you about the three inch long cockroaches that fly?

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  1. Excellent story! Made me laugh so hard I had to forward it to my boss. Dr. Sara likes funny stuff to lighten the day...I always know its a successful forward when I hear her laughing in her office. Your stories have done it twice!!