Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Our trip to Georgia the final chapter

Finally I found some good food in Georgia. Savannah doesn’t have a lot of restaurants, but it does have some good ones.

Mark is a Food Channel and Bravo Channel addict. He can sit for the whole day watching nothing but food shows. Before we left Florida all I heard from Mark was “We have ta go to Paula Deens, we just have ta” (Now imagine that line said with a high squeeky voice in a New Jersey accent.). Well Paula Deens and Sons restaurant requires you to get in line at 7:00a.m. so you can get your name on a list, so that you can wait at lunch time for your name to be called while you wait outside in the sun and heat on the street. For dinner they start lining up at noon. Meanwhile the lunch crowd is waiting across the street for their name to be called via a bull horn to be seated. All this for what I’ve been told is mediocre food. Guess what, we don't have ta.

Instead we went to a place called Wilkes Boarding House for lunch. We waited in line for twenty minutes at about 1:30 in the afternoon. Then we were brought in and seated at a large dining room table with eight other people. It was like I was invited to a strangers house for thanksgiving dinner.There was no menu. The food was already on the table in about twenty serving dishes. Fried Chicken, sweet potatoes, sausage, beef, mashed potatoes, collard greens, ect. ect. It was like eating at moms house except the food was good. When the meal was over we had to take our own plates, glasses and silverware to the kitchen. I’m glad we weren’t required to wash it too.

Also for good food we went to the Olde Pink House. They are known for their flounder, which I had and it was great.

Another fun restaurant we went to was Jazz’d Tapas. Even though there was a wild storm raging outside and the lights went out for about forty five minutes, we had a fun time and the food was good


  1. "It was like eating at moms house except the food was good."

    ouch. it's a good thing she never figures out how to use a computer.

  2. Yes Laura, and I'm counting on nobody repeating that. She always made sure we were well fed. When I started high school I thought the cafeteria food was gourmet.

  3. oooo...Lila's gonna make you eat your words for that...which are gonna taste worst if she ever gets wind of your comment on her food. ouch!

    Oh Lila...know what Alan said about your cooking....hehe

    I'll bet Alan never tried cooking for 11 kids and made it taste good.

    Get'em Lila.

  4. Garet, I think I've been hacked. My mom always made the best dinners. Who could have posted such a lie.

  5. I was just watching Paula Deen the other day and thinking that it might be fun to take a road trip to visit her restaurant... I'm so glad I read this before I got all the way there.

  6. Let me clarify for Alan.... Mom made bland food mostly to appeal to the majority. Her meatloaf was fine, mashed potatoes good, but forget the (UURRPP!) beef liver with onions and bacon! She praised Dad into making his fried chicken on Sundays (the best) which then was the ONLY day she didn't have to cook for the masses! When I married I thought spahetti was made with Campbell's tomato soup.. imagine my surprise to learn about spaghetti SAUCE!! And we always had the 4 basic vegetables- canned corn, green beans, peas, and carrots! Do you remember SPAM casseroles? They were all the rage in the 50's and 60's! She did the best she could with what she had.. they had no Food Network or Paula Deen back then!!

  7. Peggy, Laura, Garet.

    "It was like eating at moms house except the food was good."

    OK guys! It's like poetic license, only It's comedic license. Trust me until I met Mark I ate worse than I did when I was a kid. Why do you think I was so skinny until then.