Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Our trip to Georgia part two

The main reason for our trip was Marks family reunion at his sisters house in Atlanta. Can you spot me in these photos? No, I'm not the one in the green top holding the red cup of wine. That's Cree. She got drunk and fell into the bushes out front the night before. Everyone thought it was hilarious to see an old lady fall down into the bushes. It was the talk of the party.

Mark made barbque brisket for the party. There was lots of good food. The top left photo is Mark with his brothers Sam and Roger, and his sisters Melena and Rhea. Every one was really nice. Now I know how Mark feels when he's in a room with all my siblings and their children.


  1. Hey Alan and Mark! I love these stories! I'm laughing! This is great!

  2. That is why I don't drink.... being the "old lady" of the sisters, I want to avoid falling into the bushes... oh well, I can do that without any alcohol!
    What a great outlet for your funny stories!!