Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Our trip to Georgia part three (The worst driver in the world)

You know the slow-poke on the interstate going 35mph in a 65mph zone, or the car that cuts across five lanes of traffic to get the exit he was told about one mile before, or the car that stops for a green light? That's Mark.

I have glaucoma and have lost %50 of my vision, so Mark does the driving nowadays. He refers to it as 'Driving Miss Daisy' but I don't think he looks anything like Morgan Freeman.

Luckily we have a portable GPS system or we would've never found our way to his sisters house in Atlanta. Mark cannot drive on, as he calls them "curvy roads" or hills. Atlanta has a lot of "curvy roads". He has panic attacks. He also cannot drive on one-way streets that have more than one lane traveling the same direction. He keeps trying to turn left from the right hand lane not aware that cars are going the same direction in the left lane. When we are on the interstate and I keep telling him to go faster, he slows down. It's terrifying. If a car is following close behind him, he's afraid to stop or turn because he's afraid it will run into him.

After three days of Mark driving and me at my nerves end, I took the keys and decided a blind man could drive better. Within five minutes I drove over the traffic sign island in the middle of a intersection, and made a left hand turn into a one-way street the wrong way.... I did use my turn signal.

I decided a bad driver was better than a blind driver and turned the driving back over to mark. The rest of the trip I tried to just look out the side window and ignore the people flipping us off.


  1. So who took the photo of you making an illegal left turn? Or was that from the dash-cam of the police cruiser? lol...

  2. It's just a simulation of me driving. The real thing was much more scary.

  3. I remember feeling the same way a long time ago sitting in your car while you drove. You would weave between cars and speed through traffic. I would cover my eyes with my hands and pray. You said that you learned to drive that way as a Chicago cab driver. Oh Lordie! Whew! What an experience. hehe

  4. I think you should have imposed your face on Miss Daisy's in the back seat. You didn't have to change Morgan Freeman because Mark looks like!!

  5. Peggy, what do you mean? That is my face!