Tuesday, April 2, 2013


It's really not so important for me to explain how things got to the state they were in, other than to say our Goodyear tires were worn out after only sixteen thousand miles.
"Sir, if you could come out to the shop floor for a minute I'd like to show you something."
"Sure." I said, as Mark and I got up to go take a look at the PT Cruiser sitting up on the rack.
"Now as you can see the tires are worn near the edges, and there is some belting showing. That's caused by under inflation."
"I check the tire inflation every once in awhile. They never were more than a pound or so under. I always put air in them if they needed it."
Before the man could say another word Mark tossed his little grenade into the conversation.
"Does that mean you aren't honoring your warranty? You know it only costs twenty five dollars to file a small claims suit."
Suddenly, from behind a stack of tires I heard a very angry voice.
"Get the fuck out of my shop."
Was that man talking to me?
"You, get the fuck out of here. Customers aren't allowed on the floor of the shop." He said while pointing to Mark.
"This man asked us to come out here and look at our car." I told him. But I couldn't stop the inevitable, and it all went to hell quite fast.
"You little bitch, I said get out of here." He screamed at Mark.
I ambled back out to the front desk and tried to get it all under control again.
"I don't know who that man was, but I've spent a lot of money here over the years. Thousands of dollars, I can't believe the owner would want him talking to us that way."
"That is the owner sir."
Just as that fact was established, the little asshole came strutting up to the counter and before I knew it he and Mark were going at it.
Mark; "You little bitch. I work for the county court house and..."
Little Asshole; "Fuck you, you bitch. Go ahead and sue me."
Mark; "Bitch."
Little Asshole; "Bitch."
And then Mark got creative.
"Fuck you bitch!"

I won't be going back to that Goodyear store, or any Goodyear store ever again. They don't honor their warranties, and after being such a good customer I don't appreciate being treated so shabbily. I don't care if they had to put up with Mark and his mouth, it just wasn't right. Damn, I put up with his mouth every day and I don't even make any money off of it.


  1. Bad customer service at Goodyear is why I stopped going there years ago. I think it must be a company policy! Just glad Mark didn't get into a physical fight!

  2. Get your paperwork in order. See what the odometer read when your bought the tires. See how many miles the warranty is for and/or how many months. Get an estimate from another Goodyear dealer or other tire dealer. Take photos as evidence if needed. Then ask for as many tires that failed before their time or within the warranty with another Goodyear dealer and show them your warranty. It's simple. Why so much drama?

  3. Why so much drama? I thought you knew Mark.

  4. Oh and don't take Mark with you to the next Goodyear store with your warranty.....yes, I know he is the driver but find another person to drive you there!!!

  5. Don't know if you have Discount Tire, but there the cats meow here. Very professional. Good service, and low prices.

  6. Closest Discount Tire store is 135 miles away. Our Goodyear tires would be worn out traveling that far.