Monday, April 22, 2013

Now That Was a Bad Week

Thank goodness they finally allowed us to come out of hiding last Friday. We were all supposed to be scared shitless, and in hiding weren't we? According to the cable news networks the United States was under siege and if you knew what was good for you, you stayed locked in your home, quivering in fear. It wasn't until I saw drunken college students celebrating in Boston that I realized it was safe. Of course I was always safe, I don't live in Boston. I don't live anywhere near Boston.

For a while there, every television station I turned to had in depth "Terror in Boston" coverage. They had flashy graphics, and breathless reporters who breathlessly reported facts, near facts, and pure fiction. It was an awful thing to have happened to a really nice city, and some really nice people, but I kind of think it was all blown out of proportion (no pun intended). By that I mean they didn't have to keep pre-empting Judge Judy, and Jeopardy. The facts of the story could have been quickly explained in five minutes or so. But that wouldn't have goosed the ratings, so the powers in charge of television news kept all our favorite reporters on screen, speculating and fantasizing.

I for one am happy it's all over. That knot of fear I felt in my stomach is gone. At least the knot of fear that I had thinking I will be blown up by some crazy asshole running around Boston is gone. Now All I have to worry about are the thousands of crazy assholes running around the United States with Glocks and AR-15's. There were 48 gun deaths in the United States last week, from April 15th through April 19.


  1. They also didn't need to have it on every news show like 20/20, Sunday Morning, Face the Nation, etc. Everyone was scared enough without all the news coverage.

  2. I kept thinking....what about the ones that they aren't focusing on while all attention was on Boston. I'm sure we didn't need the blow by blow of rehashed info over and over again. Bostonians were the only ones who needed that. I turned off the TV, turned on some old-timers '60's music and waited for the 10 o'clock news!

  3. I'm so glad I didn't have to listen to all that -- but having said that, the beeb did a pretty good job of media coverage.