Monday, April 15, 2013


"Hello, are you there?"
"Glug clurg gurgle gurgle murfle."
"What the hell?"
"Glub blub burble murb... and then I said never... burfle mub gub."

I know the last post said I was done posting about the AT&T U-Verse cable thing, but it seems to be a never ending circle jerk. The above was a 'conversation' I had on the phone earlier today, Sunday. It seems that if I want to talk on the telephone I have to turn off all the televisions in the house. They take up too much bandwidth for the U-Verse to deal with. Very handy, don't you think? This whole AT&T nightmare just gets worse and worse. I thought I had the whole television thing under control, but right now Mark is supposedly recording Sixty Minutes, and The Amazing Race. Unfortunately the record light on the receiver is not lit, and when I look at the list of recorded material, his shows aren't there. All I can say is that it's a good thing Mark went out for drinks this evening. It will give me more time to steel myself for his inevitable temper tantrum. Hopefully he won't discover his programs didn't record until sometime tomorrow. That's when I'll hand him the phone, turn off the televisions so he can be heard, and dial the number for AT&T U-Verse customer service.


  1. just heard a commercial that says "don't fall for U-Verse"

  2. Alan, here's another headache coming your way.


  4. OMG! You have to stay inside because of the rat-sized snails, but you can't watch tv. I'm taking a Xanax just typing this...

  5. Maybe U verse needs to change their name to U curse.

  6. I will never,(I know, never say never)get all three services from the same vendor. This confirms it.