Wednesday, July 3, 2013


There is something I have noticed while Mark is constantly watching his Bravo reality shows. They use the word amazing, amazingly often. From an overpriced piece of jewelry to an overdone McMansion, from a well turned boob job to a glass of wine, from a restaurant meal to a turd in the toilet, everything is amazing to these people. In one hour long Real Housewives episode you can be sure to hear the word amazing a couple of dozen times. They have the visual acuity of my dog Chandler coupled with the mentality of a three year old child. Anything shiny sets them off, so I am not surprised at how amazing the world around them is. I, on the other hand, do not use the word amazing, or so I thought. I figured I had better do a search of my blog for the offending word before I published this. Turns out I have used the word amazing often. If I had to guess before searching, I would have said I have never used that word. My search turned up at least twenty instances of me using amazing. Although that isn't too bad considering I have published over fifteen hundred posts on this blog. So starting with the end of this post, I promise that I will never, ever use that word again. Unless of course, it is completely appropriate. Like if Mark should walk on water, or actually clean up the kitchen. Also, a side promise, I will not use the word awesome either. I did a quick search on that word and I have only used it twice, so it won't be too hard to keep that promise. See you all tomorrow, and have a groovy, far out day folks.


  1. I am brainwashed to say "awesome". I watched MTV in college during the 80s.

  2. So true, people tend to overdo their descriptions because their vocabulary is so small and their lives pretty ordinary with super-descriptive words. Same way with "horrible-izing" simple daily annoyances into CATASTROPHES! Both make the speaker feel more important than they are!