Thursday, July 18, 2013

Part 3

This one bothered me a lot. It bothered me because I laughed hysterically every time I saw it on television. Only a racist would find the mocking of another culture endlessly humorous, right? Having an extremely mockable last name myself, I have always been careful not to make fun of the names of other people. I consider it to be juvenile.

But after the fourth or fifth time I watched this video, I realized what made it so laugh out loud funny. Stupidity, it was stupidity that I found so damn funny. The stupidity of the person who handed that list of names to the anchor woman, the stupidity of the person who called the NSTB and verified the names, the stupidity of the intern at the NSTB who said "Sure, those names sound right to me.", and most of all the stupidity of the anchor woman. It happens in only a quick flash, but at the end of the video there is a look on her face where you know she realizes that she's been punked.

I am so glad that I have convinced myself that laughing at those made up Asian names isn't racist. Now if I can just get that little ditty out of my head that has been running for the last few days. 
Ching chong Chinaman sitting on a fence, trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents.
It's something I learned in grade school and for some reason it keeps running through my head like a bad earworm.


  1. OK -- I haven't been here in a few days so I missed the recent posts on racism. I totally agree with you...most people don't even recognize it when a racist thought pops into their head.

    I've been in a Facebook slap down for the past 12 hours. My stupid nephew -- who is an idiot -- posted a stupid comment about the Trayvon Martin thing. Then one of his inbred friends joined in the conversation and I have been slapping them both back ever since. They are SO DUMB. You would NOT believe the comments on the thread. Oh. Maybe you would. Sorry for the long rant. Now I'm going out to clean my plants.
    xo - Kim

  2. Are Alicia or Alexis racist? I don't think so. Alexis seems to be an equal opportunity hater and the concept seems to go over Alicia's bubbly head.

  3. I like red licorice, not black. I'm sorry but it's just the way I feel.

  4. I think Alicia would get drunk and take a black man home. Other than that she'd be scared shitless if she saw Mark walking down a dark street towards her. You are correct about Alexis. She's always too drunk to know the difference between people. They're just in her way.

  5. I love that Alicia and Alexis have such distinct personalities!