Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Part 1

Ever since Saturday evening Mark has been ranting and raving about getting a concealed weapons permit and joining the neighborhood watch program. I don't think it's something he has thought through very well, but during his shrill outbursts he has made quite a few good points. I do agree that many\most white people do not even recognize at what point they have a racist thought pass through their head. So I will attempt to point out some attitudes that may slip by once in a while.

First off, a quick test.

Do you agree that a law should be passed to prohibit this kind of indecent exposure? 
Many towns have passed laws against this fashion.

Okay, what about this? 
 If you say yes to both, you're just a prude and not racist.


  1. Both my brothers-in-law have plumber's crack so I endure that so I can look at the lower image.
    I think that makes me a voyeur...

    I can't comment about Travon Martin's death without using a lot of profanity towards Zimmerman.

  2. Hostess, I think that makes you a person who likes crack.

    This isn't really about the murder of Trayvon Martin. It's about the most vile, stupid, and ignorant remarks and comments I have heard and read since Saturday night. I have told Mark to stop reading the comments on CNN and other web site stories. For some reason the election of Barak Obama has caused racism like I have never heard in my life, to bubble to the surface.

    Disclosure; I am not innocent. I have had plenty of these racist moments in my life. At least I try very hard to correct them.

  3. Admissions:
    I like crack. I too have racially, sexually and religiously profiled people.
    Thought for the day:
    Check myself before I wreck myself.

  4. Top photo just looks stupid on any color kid. Plus it makes them fall down when they try to walk. Second photo is just another sexually explicit one that people think is necessary to prove they are attractive.