Friday, July 19, 2013

Home Sweet Home

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"Oh look Alan. This one is so cute and it's well within our budget."
I walk over to where Mark is and take a look at the computer screen.
"That is nice. Where is it?"
"I never heard of that neighborhood. North side or south side of Chicago?"
"Memphis, it's in Memphis Tennessee. Look at the kitchen." Mark was drooling.
"Why are you looking at houses in Memphis?"
"They're very inexpensive. You get a lot more house for your dollar."
"But it's in Memphis."
"I know but..."
"Memphis. You do know that Memphis is in the south, right? Middle of nowhere, Elvis lived there, hot, boring."

I recently took stock of our financial situation and although everything is okay right now, when I reach retirement age (go ahead and laugh) I will lose some of my income. I informed Mark that there is a good possibility that we will sell the property we have now, pay off all my debts, and pay cash for a less expensive home. Well, nothing stimulates Mark as much as the prospect of spending money on something. So he started researching the most inexpensive places to live, places where you can get a lot of house with a great kitchen for little cash. That is how he found Memphis.

"We're not moving to Memphis. In fact the only two places I will consider are Chicago and Wilton Manors, Florida. We'll either stay here in Florida or go to Chicago. I'm not moving to some place where the first thing people ask you is, what church do you attend."
Surprisingly, Mark shrugged his shoulders and agreed. Five minutes later he called me back over to his computer.
"Look at this place. I have to have this house. It is so adorable."
"Memphis again?"
"No, Springfield Illinois."
"Hmmm, you do know that Springfield is two hundred miles from Chicago don't you?"

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  1. Louisiana has practically no property taxes and a very low cost of living. Who cares if our schools rank #50. You have no kids! Actually, San Antonio is really affordable and very nice place to live.

  2. I love New Orleans. We were last there seventeen years ago on the weekend Princess Di died. We need to go back. San Antonio, Texas? I don't even like to change planes in Texas.

    BTW Gr8, I remember going to some kind of drag contest in Springfield with you, forty years ago. I think that bar on the outskirts of Springfield is still there.

  3. Those houses ARE very nice and VERY inexpensive...
    San Antonio and Fort Worth would be 2 places I would consider "nice" in Texas. There is culture in both, but I ain't gonna live back in Texas.

  4. the only problem with Springfield is that it is in Illinois, which is NOT a cheap place to live. And lots of Springfield is run down and crappy.
    Taxes are probably off the charts!

  5. Have you looks at houses in Poughkeepsie, NY or Scranton, PA?

  6. I hear Detroit is really inexpensive.

  7. It was the Miss Gay Illinois pageant covering it for the Gay Crusader. We drove back that night. Everyone slept but I think you were the driver and managed to get everyone back alive! We got home about 4 in the morning. You have an incredible memory, Alan. I forgot all about that.

  8. I was always the driver. I drove the lead vehicle for the 1973 Gay Pride Parade. I loved driving which explains some of the jobs I had over the years. Ironically, I am not allowed to drive anymore according to Mark and the State of Florida. Losing half my eyesight does make it a bit more challenging, but I do take the car out once in a while. Like this morning while Mark was sleeping, I went to Dunkin' Donuts. Yummm.... Boston Creme.

  9. I am thinking you might plan to consider single level living as you age!

  10. Peggy,Remember that TV series from the early 1960's called the Farmer's Daughter? They had the old lady go up and down the stairs on an electric lift chair along the side of the staircase. That would be me.

  11. No Alan, those are too slow for an impatient Putz!!!