Thursday, July 11, 2013

I'm a Tool

 This is how I see my tools when I close my eyes and enter my little fantasy world.

This is how my tools actually look. A mess, right? There are four other drawers just like this. I originally had them all in the tool box in logical groups. There was no more than one layer of tools in any drawer, and always they were put right back where they came from when used. And then along came Mark. From the first time he asked "Do you have a hammer?", my tools have been in upheaval. Now it takes me ten minutes to find the most common of tools, and much longer to find that one of a kind that I bought for just one purpose. Of course that one of a kind tool will constantly be laying there while I look for the common screw driver, and disappear when I really need it.

How did this happen? Taking a quick look into Mark's kitchen gadget drawer says it all.


  1. I understand. My husband has very organized tool boxes where I have a disorganized gadget drawer. I can find tools in his tool boxes but he has a hard time finding kitchen gadgets in the drawer. And my gadget drawer is neater than Mark's! I'm just glad it's only 1 drawer - he has at least 2 large tool boxes!

  2. I'm jealous of all the tools that first pic has...
    Oh! I do see Mark has one of those double handled herb cutters that hot Nigella Lawson uses.
    mmmm Nigella....

  3. Ah yes. The tool drawer and utensil drawer. I know them well. They are both completely unorganized at our house.

  4. Those are called junk drawers at our house!!!