Tuesday, July 9, 2013


You know how sometimes you volunteer to do something for somebody and then later you wish you hadn't? Yeah, I did that. Luckily for me when it came time to do the favor, the neighbor I promised it to, backed out. What I promised, is that I would baby sit her little dog for a couple of weeks last year. The more I thought about walking, feeding, picking up the poop, and sharing my bed with another dog, the less appealing it became. Like I said, she let me off the hook.

I got a phone call yesterday morning. It was the neighbor.
"Hi, Alan?"
"It's Carol. Remember when you said you could baby sit little Zoë last year?"
"Well, could you do that for me. I need somebody to watch her for ten days later this month."
"Um... well.. "
"I'll buy you a bottle of Grey Goose."
"Sure, I'll watch Zoë. I'd love to do that for you."

So yesterday evening Carol dropped Zoë off at our house for a couple of hours. It was a test visit to be sure she would be compatible with Chandler and Sasha. Of course there was the usual craziness when she first walked in the door. Dogs barking, dogs chasing around, and investigations of each other's butts. But it soon settled down with Sasha sitting on the sofa giving Zoë the evil eye for sitting on my lap.
 And then there was Chandler. He apparently thought I had fixed him up with the easy girl on the block. First he tried to hump Zoë while she sat on my lap. When I scolded him and told him to get the hell off my knee, he proceeded to continue humping the air in the middle of the living room while staring and drooling at Zoë. At least I'll get a bottle of good vodka out of all this. I'm not sure what Chandler is going to get.


  1. Fellow Dog SitterJuly 9, 2013 at 8:51 AM

    Every time we "babysit" dogs it just reinforces that we are a one dog household. Don't mind doing it but when they go home, it's so nice just having our one spoiled dog in the house!! Happy dog sitting Alan!

  2. Another dog watcherJuly 15, 2013 at 1:17 PM

    So Alan, any update on you watching Zoe?

  3. We are expecting her Friday. She will be here for nine days, and again I am having second thoughts.